Process of installing linux on my Acer Chromebook 15 C910 (aka Yuna)
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  1. * [Acer product page](
  2. * [Arch Linux Chromebooks page]( It seems that it has removable memory.
  3. * [Google ChromeOS developer page]( The name is`Yuna`. The project name is `Yuna`. The board name is `auron_yuna` and the base board `auron`.
  4. * [Reddit]( it seems C910 has not legacy boot in.
  5. * [ChrUbuntu Guide]( it has different scripts for installing ChrUbuntu on the chromebook. In particular Acer C910.
  6. * [Reddit confirms that yuna has NGFF replacable]( [this]( is the pictures of the bottom, dissasembled.
  7. * [Reddit: one user wants help](
  8. * [Crouten Installation Guide]( it seems it is a procedure for installing Linux.
  9. * As pointed by [ArchWiki](, it seems Yuna has John Lewis [RW firmware support](
  10. * [Developer information for Acer C720, C720P, C740](