Like Khan Academy but more more more simple and always with drag and drop things.
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h1. Instructions for adapt this project
The better is that you modify the "template document": In this case:
# Change <pre><code><title></code></pre> in document for setting the title
# Be sure link to stylesheet is reachable
# Change level and area tags in document, and unit title and your project title
# Put your image in <pre><code><img class="displayed" src="image.png" ...></code></pre>
# Change the text of the draggable text, i.e. <pre><code>div id="#drag{i}"</code></pre>
# Then, change the position of the pou in the CSS, according with your image. This are absolute position relative to imagecontainer div.
# Put the correct answers, modifying <pre><code>resposta</code></pre> in javascript.
# Finally change the footer link: source code, sources of information, license and about.