Like Khan Academy but more more more simple and always with drag and drop things.
Du kan inte välja fler än 25 ämnen Ämnen måste starta med en bokstav eller siffra, kan innehålla bindestreck ('-') och vara max 35 tecken långa.

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Instructions for adapt this project

The better is that you modify the template document. In this case:

  • Change <pre><code><title></code></pre> in document for setting the title
  • Be sure link to stylesheet is reachable
  • Change level and area tags in document, and unit title and your project title
  • Put your image in <pre><code><img class="displayed" src="image.png" ...></code></pre>
  • Change the text of the draggable text, i.e. <pre><code>div id="#drag{i}"</code></pre>
  • Then, change the position of the pou in the CSS, according with your image. This are absolute position relative to imagecontainer div.
  • Put the correct answers, modifying <pre><code>resposta</code></pre> in javascript.
  • Finally change the footer link: source code, sources of information, license and about.