Like Khan Academy but more more more simple and always with drag and drop things.
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  1. h1. Todo list
  2. This is a copy of original qfer.txt (in catalan)
  3. h2. Short term
  4. # unset red or green color when we leave el drag{i} on pou{i}
  5. # do more exercises
  6. h2. Mid term
  7. # change id by class in CSS -> it does not work
  8. # substitute all the images, except 01-cell/cell800.png, by self-made images (free license)
  9. h2. Long term
  10. h3. Functionalities
  11. # play sound depending when the answer is true or false
  12. # put countdown or put the spending time from the first element you move
  13. # put the names of people playing and change automatically the name
  14. # add punctuation: +1 if you are right and -1 otherwise